Westpoint The Brand That Creates Emotions. Our commitment is to the simple philosophy that life needs to be enjoyed and the day to day work that needs your attention, be it in the kitchen or in the living room, should be left to our intelligently designed appliances that take the work out of the work.

From the time you start your day to the time you sleep; our appliances stand by you as your workhorse. So, go ahead and make that toast, prepare fresh juice to go, blend your smoothie, bake your muffins, grind the coffee beans, filter your favorite coffee, dry your hair, iron your clothes, vacuum your home, grind the meat, chop the vegetables, prepare your family’s favorite meal, all without hassle.

To this end, we invest in researching your needs and designing the perfect appliances which are easy to use, durable, energy efficient, and smart to look at. After all, your appliances should reflect your taste and enhance the beauty of your home in addition to taking the hard work out of your life. So sit back and enjoy the time you save with your family. Let Westpoint the king of home appliances made for the queen of your home do all the hard work.


We source globally and follow stringent quality standards from start to finish. From the drawing board to the assembly line, from the purchase of raw materials and high quality components to the shipment of the finished product, we make sure the products that reaches you are the best in the world.

Based on varied market specifications and geographies, we currently source talent ad material from over a dozen countries including Thailand, Portugal, China and Korea.

We also follow all international standards to ensure compliance of safety and worldwide regulations. Last but not least, our manufacturing practices are green and earth friendly. We make not only our customers happy, but also want to leave this world a better place for our next generations.

Connecting To Your

We thank you and millions of our faithful customers for the confidence in our appliances and promise all of our customers a better future with better life style.

With over 250 products to chose from and many more added regularly to our portfolio, you are sure to find one that suits your taste, meets your needs and makes your life easier.

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